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By using this website "www.glasblunt.eu" and the possible purchase of products or services, you automatically agree with our Terms and Conditions.

All products on our website are legal in the Netherlands. We can not provide any information about the legal status of a product in another country. You accept the responsibility to inform yourself about your local laws, import and custom regulations for ordering and confirm that the import to the country of the ordered products is legal. By placing an order with GlassBlunt.eu you agree to all responsibilities with regard to the legality of the products that are delivered to you.

All information provided by GlassBlunt.eu, via this website, links to or from other websites or by its employees by telephone, e-mail or any other transfer is purely for educational and informative purposes. This should never be interpreted as a recommendation to take a specific action. Using the information for illegal activities is at your own risk. GlassBlunt.eu can not guarantee that the information on the website is up-to-date and accurate.

You as a customer take full responsibility for personal injury, damage, penalties, lost profits or income, loss of use of the product or equipment and any loss of property that may result from the purchase, use or misuse of a product purchased from GlassBlunt.eu. GlassBlunt.eu, the owners, representatives and employees can not be held liable for the actions of its customers.

GlassBlunt.eu does not encourage the illegal use of our products. We advise you to consult a legal adviser if you have any doubts.

Our products have no medical value. The products can not be used as a medicine or as a replacement for medicines.

All illustrations such as photographs, design, texts and logos on this website are protected by copyright. Any commercial use of this content is strictly prohibited without written permission from GlassBlunt.eu.

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Article 1. Definitions  
In these conditions:

1.        GlassBlunt.eu - Part of Bryan Brokke VOF located at the Cas Oorthuyskade 394 (1087DP) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 
2.        Buyer: the natural or legal person who orders GlassBlunt.eu to carry out activities and / or provide services or products that GlassBlunt.eu purchases. 
3.        Consumer: the person, being a natural person who does not act in the exercise of a profession or business, who gives GlassBlunt.eu the order to carry out activities and / or provide services or those products of GlassBlunt.eu decreases. 
4.       Offer: Any offer of goods and / or services, including the applicable conditions, such as GlassBlunt.eu that in its catalog, brochures or otherwise to the buyer. 
5.        Price: Price of the offered good or of the offered service, without the additional costs, as these are mentioned separately or stipulated. 
6.       Term: The period within which the consumer can make use of his right of withdrawal. 
7.       Transaction duration: a distance contract relating to a series of goods and / or services, of which the supply and / or purchase obligation is spread over time. 
8.       Disputes committee: The disputes committee Thuiswinkel, PO Box 90600, 2509 LP The Hague. 
9.       GlassBlunt.eu The webshop that belongs to Bryan Brokke VOF and which is operated by Bryan Brokke VOF online at https://GlassBlunt.eu/.

Article 2. Applicability 
1.      These general terms and conditions apply to the exclusion of any (general) (delivery) conditions of the buyer to all agreements, offers and offers of GlassBlunt.eu. 
2.      Any general terms and conditions of the buyer are explicitly rejected. 
3.      Upon request, the buyer will be sent a copy of these general terms and conditions free of charge. 
4.      If GlassBlunt.eu has allowed deviations from these general terms and conditions for a short or longer period of time, tacitly or not, this does not affect its right to demand immediate and strict compliance with these conditions. The buyer can never assert any right on the grounds that GlassBlunt.eu applies the conditions smoothly. 
5.      If one or more of the provisions of these general terms and conditions or any other Agreement with GlassBlunt.eu should be in conflict with a mandatory legal provision or any applicable legal provision, the relevant provision will lapse and will be replaced by a GlassBlunt.eu adopt new, legally permissible and comparable provision. 

Article 3. Establishment of agreements 
1.      All offers from GlassBlunt.eu are without obligation. 
2.      An agreement is only concluded after acceptance of an order by GlassBlunt.eu. GlassBlunt.eu is entitled to refuse orders or to attach certain conditions to the delivery, unless explicitly stated otherwise. If an order is not accepted,   GlassBlunt.eu shares this motivated partly within ten working days of receiving the order. 
3.      Placing an order via the webshop at the web address https://www.GlassBlunt.eu is reserved for persons of 18 years and older. By placing an order, the customer indicates that he has reached the age of 18 years or acts with the permission of his legal representative. 

Article 4. Prices and payments 
1.      After the conclusion of the agreement, the prices of the offered goods and / or services will not be increased, except for price changes as a result of changes in VAT rates or statutory regulations or provisions. Contrary to what has been stipulated in the previous sentence, it is possible that if the nature of the offer involves this, there will be variable prices. In that case, this and the fact that any listed prices are target prices will be mentioned. 
2.      If a price change takes place, the consumer has the authority to terminate the distance contract by the day on which the price increase takes effect. 
3.      Outside the term of agreements, GlassBlunt.eu expressly reserves the right to change prices, especially when this is required on the basis of (legal) regulations. 
4.      The prices stated for the products and services offered are in euros, including VAT and excluding shipping costs, other taxes or other levies, unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing. 
5.      Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment shall be made by prior crediting of the entire amount to GlassBlunt.eu 's account or by cash payment on delivery (cash on delivery). Payment must be made without discount or compensation. 
6.      In the event of bankruptcy, suspension of payment or under guardianship of the buyer, the claims of GlassBlunt.eu on the buyer and the obligations of the buyer towards GlassBlunt.eu are immediately due and payable. 
7.      All payments primarily concern the payment of the costs, then the payment of the interest still due and finally the payment of the principal sum and the current interest. GlassBlunt.eu is entitled, without being in default, to refuse an offer of payment if the buyer designates a different order for the allocation. GlassBlunt.eu is entitled to refuse full repayment of the principal sum, if it does not also pay the outstanding and current interest as well as the costs. 
8.      If the buyer has paid an amount in advance and then the agreement to which the advance payment relates does not come about or is dissolved in accordance with paragraph 8 of Article 7, reimbursement will take place as soon as possible but no later than within 14 days. 

Article 5. Collection costs and default 
1.      If the buyer has not fully paid the agreed price within the set period, the buyer is in default by operation of law with effect from the date on which the payment term expires. In addition, from this date until the date of full payment on the outstanding amount, the buyer owes a contractual interest of 1.5% per calendar month to GlassBlunt.euA part of a month is counted as a full month. 
2.      All costs, both judicial and extrajudicial, are for the account of the buyer. In the event that the buyer fails to fulfill his (payment) obligations, the buyer will owe compensation of all costs that GlassBlunt.eu must incur in order to obtain payment out of court, hereinafter referred to as 'collection costs'. These collection costs are set at a minimum of 15% of the principal sum with a minimum of € 37.00. The collection costs include the costs incurred for sending reminders and reminders, examining an amicable settlement, consulting with the buyer, examining the recoverability of the receivables and all other costs incurred to pay the buyer's satisfaction. to gain. These costs are separate from the payment of the other costs as bailiff's costs, court fees, wages of attorneys or attorney / attorney, which are decided by a court decision. 

Article 6. Delivery 
1.       Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is made from wholesale or warehouse. The buyer is obliged to take delivery of the purchased goods at the time when they are available or handed over to him. 
2.      If the buyer refuses the purchase or fails to provide information or instructions necessary for the delivery, the items intended for delivery will be stored at the risk and expense of the buyer. In that case, the buyer will owe all additional costs. 
3.      If GlassBlunt.eu requires information from the buyer in the context of the execution of the agreement, the delivery period starts after the buyer has made all necessary information available to GlassBlunt.eu
4.      In principle, products that are in stock are sent by GlassBlunt.eu within 7 days. GlassBlunt.eu will execute accepted orders with convenient speed but at least within 14 days. If the delivery is either out of stock (temporarily) or is delayed for other reasons, or if an order can not or only partially be executed, the buyer will receive this no later than one month after placing the order. In that case the buyer has the right to cancel the order without costs. Should GlassBlunt.eu have received the payment in the meantime, GlassBlunt.eu will immediately return the payment made. 
5.      If GlassBlunt.eu has specified a delivery period, it is only indicative. A specified delivery time can therefore never be regarded as a deadline. Depending on the delivery situation on the market, GlassBlunt.eu reserves the right to suspend delivery. 
6.     When an order has been sent by cash on delivery and has been refused by the buyer or not picked up from the post officeGlassBlunt.eu will recover the COD and administration costs from the client. 

Article 7. Visibility period and right of withdrawal 
1.      If the delivered goods are not in accordance with the agreement, the buyer must report any defects or incorrectly delivered goods to GlassBlunt.eu within a reasonable time after discoveryThe buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods immediately upon receipt and to immediately report any defects in writing. 
2.      If there is a distance purchase within the meaning of Art. 7: 46a sub b Dutch Civil Code, the offer will also include a trial period of at least fourteen days, commencing on the day following receipt by or on behalf of the consumer, unless otherwise agreed. The purchase is therefore only definitive if fourteen days have passed since receipt of the case. 
3.      During the trial period, the consumer has a right of withdrawal, whereby he has the possibility, without any obligation on his part, other than for reimbursement of the direct costs of returning, to return the goods received, or to indicate that of the services offered be used.In the cases where (also) services are offered, a right of withdrawal is understood to mean a cooling-off period, to which the provisions in these conditions regarding the inspection period apply in full. 
4.      Restrictions or exclusions from the trial period - based on the specific nature of the goods or services concerned - will be clearly stated in the offer. 
5.      The consumer can only invoke her right of withdrawal by informing GlassBlunt.eu in writing or by e-mail of her intention within a period of fourteen days of receipt by or on behalf of the consumer. 
6.      If the consumer invokes the right of withdrawalGlassBlunt.eu will refund any amount already paid by the consumer within 14 days at the latest. 
7.      The consumer can only make use of its right of withdrawal if the goods in question are returned complete, undamaged, unused and in the original packaging. After invoking her right of withdrawal, the consumer must return the delivered goods to GlassBlunt.eu within fourteen daysIn that case, the costs of return shipment will be borne by the consumer. 
8.      When applying for a trial period, the consumer invokes the approval period as a resolutory condition. 

Article 8. Retention of title 
1.      All goods delivered by GlassBlunt.eu remain the property of GlassBlunt.eu, until the moment that the buyer has fully complied with all its payment obligations towards GlassBlunt.eu under any agreement with GlassBlunt.eu to deliver goods and / or the performance of activities and / or services, including claims in respect of the failure to perform such an agreement. 
2.      A buyer who acts as a reseller will be allowed to sell and resell all items that are subject to GlassBlunt.eu 's retention of title, insofar as this is customary in the normal course of his business. If the buyer (partly) from goods delivered by GlassBlunt.eu forms a new case, the buyer shall only take this for GlassBlunt.eu and the buyer shall keep the newly formed case for GlassBlunt.eu until the buyer has paid all the amounts due under the agreement. amounts have met; GlassBlunt.eu has in that case until the moment of full payment by the buyer all rights as owner of the newly formed case. 
3.      If necessary, rights are always granted or transferred to the buyer on the condition that the buyer pays the agreed fees in a timely and complete manner. 
4.      GlassBlunt.eu may receive in the course of the contract or objects, products, proprietary rights, data, documents, databases and (between -) results of the service of GlassBlunt.eu maintaining, despite an existing obligation to deliver until the buyer has paid all amounts dueto GlassBlunt.eu
5.      The buyer is not permitted to establish limited rights on items that are subject to the retention of title of GlassBlunt.euIf third parties (wish to) (wish to) establish rights on goods subject to the retention of title, the buyer will immediately inform GlassBlunt.eu of this. 
6.      The buyer must deal with all matters that fall under the retention of title of GlassBlunt.eu as a careful debtor

Article 9. Force majeure  
1.      Without prejudice to the other rights it is entitled to, GlassBlunt.eu has the right, in case of force majeure, to suspend the execution of your order, or to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention, this in writing by the buyer. to share and this without GlassBlunt.eu being obliged to pay any compensation, unless this would be unacceptable in the circumstances to the standards of reasonableness and fairness. 
2.      Force majeure means any shortcoming which can not be attributed to GlassBlunt.eu, because it is not due to her fault and not under the law, legal act or generally accepted in traffic. 

Article 10. Warranty 
1.      All that is stipulated in this article regarding the guarantee of products is without prejudice to the rights and claims that the law grants to the buyer. 
2.      If the goods delivered do not comply with the guarantees provided by GlassBlunt.eu and there is no question of gross negligence on the part of the buyer, GlassBlunt.eu shall within a reasonable period after receipt thereof or, if return is reasonably not possible after written notification regarding the defect by the buyer, replace GlassBlunt.eu with new, equivalent products or take care of repair. In case of replacement, the buyer already commits himself to return the replaced case to GlassBlunt.eu and to transfer the ownership to GlassBlunt.eu
3.      The guarantee referred to here does not apply if the defect arose as a result of inexpert or improper use or if, without the written permission of GlassBlunt.eu, the buyer or third parties have made changes to the item or attempt to make or have used these. for purposes for which the case is not intended. 
4.      The warranty (period) provided by GlassBlunt.eu on products and electrical appliances is at all times limited to the warranty (period) issued by the manufacturer on the relevant product or electrical appliance. 

Article 11. Liability 
1.      GlassBlunt.eu in no way accepts liability for damage caused / caused by the use of products sold by GlassBlunt.eu, either directly or indirectly. 
2.      If the delivered item does not correspond with what was agreed and this non-conformity is a defect in the sense of the product liability regulation, GlassBlunt.eu is in principle not liable for consequential damage.  
3.      GlassBlunt.eu is not liable for misunderstandings, mutilations, delays or inadequate delivery of orders and announcements as a result of the use of the Internet or any other means of communication in the traffic between the buyer and GlassBlunt.eu, or betweenGlassBlunt.eu and third parties., in so far as they relate to the relationship between the buyer and GlassBlunt.eu, unless and insofar as there is intent or gross negligence on the part of GlassBlunt.eu
4.      By GlassBlunt.eu sold by the GlassBlunt.eu are in no way suitable to treat, cure or prevent any disease or (physical / mental) illness. 
5.      The customer must refrain from the (further) use of products purchased through the GlassBlunt.eu : 
a.      when the customer suffers from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or any other physical condition; 
b.      during pregnancy or lactation; 
c.      in combination with MAO inhibitors or any other medicine; 
d.      in combination with driving or the use / control of (heavy) machines; 
e.      in case of nervousness, insomnia, reduced hunger, vibrations, tachylays or other physical or psychological complaints. The customer should always immediately consult a doctor. 
In case of doubt about use, the customer must proceed to use   consult a doctor and follow his advice. 
6.      By placing an order with GlassBlunt.eu the customer accepts all responsibility concerning the ( il ) legal status of the products which, within the scope of the execution of the agreement, will be sent to the customer. 
7.      Before the customer places an order in the GlassBlunt.eu where the ordered products have to be delivered outside the Netherlands, the customer must inform himself of the laws, import regulations and customs regulations that apply in the country of delivery to the products to be ordered from power. The customer declares that the import and possession of the ordered products is legally permitted in the country of delivery. 
8.      The customer accepts full liability for all injuries, damages, punitive measures, loss of income or possessions arising from the purchase, consumption, use and / or abuse of a product through GlassBlunt.euThe customer indemnifies GlassBlunt.eu against all claims and damages in this respect. 
9.      The information provided by GlassBlunt.eu through its website (s), the GlassBlunt.eu, links to or from other websites, or by employees of GlassBlunt.eu by telephone, email or any other means of communication are strictly informative. This information should never be considered by the customer as a recommendation to proceed with certain actions. The use of information provided by GlassBlunt.eu for prohibited actions is entirely at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer must take into account that the information provided byGlassBlunt.eu may be inaccurate, incomplete or not (no longer) current. 
10.      Products purchased through GlassBlunt.eu must be kept out of the reach of children (minors) by the customer. 

Article 12. Dispute resolution 
1.      It may happen that you are not satisfied with a product and / or service. Please contact us as soon as possible, preferably by e-mail via: info at glassblunt.euWe will respond to your complaint within 14 days at the latest. 
2.      If we do not come together, you can submit your complaint to the Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel, PO Box 90600, 2509 LP The Hague, against payment of 25 euro complaint money. For more information about this Disputes Committee see: www.sgc.nl. This independent committee makes a decision about the dispute. The decision of the committee is binding. If you are (partially) proven successful, the complaint money will be (partially) refunded to you. 
3.      The above does not affect the right to submit a dispute to the competent court. 
4.      Disputes between the consumer and GlassBlunt.eu about the formation or execution of agreements with regard to goods and services to be delivered or delivered by this company can, subject to the provisions below, be submitted both by the consumer and by the company to the customer. Disputes committee Thuiswinkel. 
5.      A dispute will only be dealt with by the Disputes Committee if the consumer has first submitted his complaint to the company within a reasonable time. 
6.      No later than three months after the complaint has been submitted to the company, the dispute must be submitted in writing to the Disputes Committee. 
7.      When the consumer wants to submit a dispute to the Disputes Committee, GlassBlunt.eu is bound by this choice. If GlassBlunt.eu wishes to do so, the consumer will have to give a written statement within five weeks after a written request made by the company, whether he wishes to do so, or whether the dispute is to be dealt with by the competent court. If GlassBlunt.eu does not hear the consumer's choice within the five-week period, GlassBlunt.eu is entitled to submit the dispute to the competent court. 
8.      The Disputes Committee decides under the conditions as set out in the rules of the Disputes Committee. The decisions of the Disputes Committee are made by way of binding advice. 

Article 13. Applicable law and choice of forum 
1.      Dutch law applies exclusively to all agreements concluded and to be concluded by GlassBlunt.euApplicability of the Vienna Sales Convention 1980 is excluded. 
2.      All disputes - including those which are regarded as such only by one of the parties - arising from an agreement to which the present terms and conditions apply in whole or in part, or on the basis of other agreements resulting from such agreements, will be settled by the competent judge of the location of GlassBlunt.eu, unless a mandatory legal provision dictates otherwise. This does not affect the fact that GlassBlunt.eu can agree with the buyer to have the dispute settled by means of independent arbitration.