Privacy policy


To ensure a secure online environment and data protection, we strictly comply with legal requirements. In this privacy statement we provide insight into the way we collect data, in our security measures, storage periods and how we deal with contact details. 


1.1 Account 
Purchases can only be made if you have a personal account. When you create an account or make a purchase in our webshop, we collect the following personal information as part of the buying and selling process:

• First and last name 
• Living and billing address  
• Telephone number  
• Your gender  
• IP address 
• E-mail address 
• Date of birth

This information is required for delivery. We also automatically receive the IP address (internet protocol) from your computer when you visit our webshop. This allows us to optimize your internet experience while protecting our online environment.

The purpose of data collection 
We collect and store account-related data for the following purposes:  

a. Compliance with our obligations under agreements between you and us and to provide you with the requested information, products and services;  
b. Set up and manage your account and contact you about your account and orders;  
c. Performing market research and analysis;  
d. Confirming your age and identity and to recognize and prevent fraud.

1.2   Newsletters 
With your explicit consent, we can send you newsletters about our webshop, new products and other updates. We only ship them if you explicitly give permission for this. The following information is collected in the context of the newsletter:  

• First and last name 
• Your gender  
• E-mail address

The purpose of data collection  
The collected data are used to:  

a. To personalize our e-mails, think of your name and gender in order to offer gender-specific content; 
You can withdraw your consent at any time via the link in the newsletter or through the contact information in article 2.

1.3   Customer service 
To provide the right support, the employees of our customer service have access to account-related information. This allows us to make our customer service better and more user-friendly.   The data you provide via our contact form are used by our webhosting provider Strato.We only use your data to respond to your message.

If you provide us with your personal information to complete a transaction, verify your credit card, place an order, arrange a delivery or return a purchase, we will assume that you consent to the collection of this information for that specific reason.

If we ask for your personal information for a secondary reason, such as for marketing purposes, we ask either directly for your express permission or give you the option to say no.

2.1   Withdrawing permission 
Do you change your mind after giving permission? Then you can withdraw it at any time for contacting, further collecting, using or disclosing your information. Please contact us: info at

We may release your personal information if the law requires us to do so or if you do so Terms and Conditions violates.  

At , data minimalism is of great importance. That is why we do not store your data for longer than is necessary for the purposes of this Privacy Statement. Different retention periods apply for different types of data. We never store personal data for longer than 10 years.

4.1   Account information  
Account-related data remains relevant as long as the customer is in possession of an account. That is why the data remains documented as long as the account exists. If our customers delete an account, the related data will be deleted in the foreseeable future. Requests for inspection or correction of stored personal data or deletion of an account can be sent to:   info at

4.2   Newsletters 
Permission for newsletters and associated data remains in effect as long as our customers are registered for the newsletter. Periodically (monthly), however, we carry out a relevance check. Registered customers (and their personal information) are thereby removed if they do not respond to our request. In addition, our newsletter has an opt-out function. Customers can withdraw their permission by using it.  


Cookies are small pieces of information that inform your computer about previous visits to our website. These are stored on your hard drive, not on our website. If you use our website, your computer will actually show us the cookies. This way our site knows if you have used it before. This allows our website to function faster, but also to remember things from previous visits (such as your username) to facilitate your current visit. At we use two types of cookies: functional and analytical cookies.  

5.1 Functional cookies  
Functional cookies are used to improve your online experience. They keep track of what is placed in the shopping cart. The use of these cookies does not require prior permission.

5.2 Analytical cookies 
Analytical cookies are used for market research and analysis. Data collected in this way are anonymised and are thus meaningless to others. The use of these cookies does not require prior permission.

Third-party services are required for transactions and for the provision of our services. Generally, these third parties collect, use and provide your information only to the extent that is required to provide their services to us.

However, some external service providers, such as payment providers and other payment processors, have their own privacy policies with regard to the information we have to provide to them for your purchase related transactions.

For these providers we advise you to read their privacy policy. This way you have more insight into how they handle your personal information.

There are certain providers that are located in a different jurisdiction than you or us, or they have facilities at their disposal. If you choose to continue with a transaction involving the services of a third party, your information may be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction (s) in which that service provider or its facility resides.

As soon as you leave the website of our store or are referred to the site or application of a third party, you are no longer subject to this Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions from our website.

Web analysis service (anonymized data) 
On this website we have integrated a part of a web analysis service (with the anonymization function ). Web analysis can be defined as collecting and analyzing data relating to the behavior of visitors on websites. A web analysis service collects, among other things, data about the website where the visitor comes from (the so-called referrer ), which subpages were visited, or how often and for how long a subpage was viewed. A web analysis is mainly used to optimize a site and to make a cost-benefit analysis of internet advertising.

Courier service 
To be able to complete deliveries, we use a courier service. This takes care of the transport between our company and the address of the customer. To make this logistics possible, we need access to certain information. Think of the name and address of the customer.

Mailing service 
At we use an external mail service provider to send the newsletter. The provider has access to limited account information, related to opt- in permission (for example: e-mail address).

Marketing service is supported by a company that specializes in marketing and communication activities. Their access to personal information is very limited and that information is largely anonymous.

Payment services 
At we use external payment services to complete transactions (for example: credit card payments).  

To protect your personal information, we take the necessary precautions and follow the best practices in the industry. With this we ensure that the data is not wrongly lost or misused, opened, disclosed, altered or destroyed.

If you provide us with your credit card information, it will be encrypted using secure sockets layer technology (SSL). It is saved with an AES-256 encryption. Although no transfer via the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure, we meet all PCI DSS requirements and implement additional, generally accepted industry standards. Account-related information is protected with a hash function. Here data is converted into a generated hash. This protects sensitive information so that it is not even visible to us. In addition, our databases are exceptionally well protected against unauthorized persons. Access to the database, for example, is only possible and permitted with approved IP addresses (for example with those of the head office ). Other attempts and addresses are refused at all times.

Moreover, data is anonymised as much as possible. They can not therefore be linked directly to a specific customer. However, we can use the data for market research and analysis. Furthermore, relevant third parties (eg the mailing service) are screened prior to our collaboration.They also comply with the GDPR and are bound by a processing agreement. Employees have specific access rights within With this they only have access to the information needed to perform a task.

Digital security measures are subject to change and must meet high requirements to ensure the safety of online customers. That is why we have appointed a security manager at Periodic monitoring and improvement of security measures (if necessary) is part of that function.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time, so consult it regularly. Changes and clarifications are effective immediately after placement on the site. If we make adjustments to this policy, we will inform you about the policy changes. This way you always know what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we use it and / or make it public.

You can contact us in the following ways:

• Electronically by sending an e-mail to: info @ 
• By phone:   +31 (0) 20 - 8456587